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 MGC symposium 

Each year the MGC organizes a one day symposium for their members. After the symposium was canceled in 2020, the relaxation of the corona rules makes it possible to organize the symposium again this year. We hope that in the coming weeks the rules will not be tightened to such an extent that we will have to cancel the symposium after all!

The program of the symposium consists of 13 scientific lectures presented by promising, mainly young researchers (PhD students and postdocs) from the different MGC departments. The scientific part of the day is capped by a keynote speaker and the symposium is concluded with drinks and small bites.

 31th edition of the MGC symposium, September, 2023

For a historical overview of all keynote speakers click here and of all programs click here 

Section 'DNA repair mechanisms'

This section organizes about once every two months a meeting on Friday afternoons. Coordinators are: Haico van Attikum ( and Wim Vermeulen (

The next meeting of the DNA Repair group will be held LIVE on Friday November 18th 2022 in Leiden:
LUMC Education Building (building 3), College Room 6 (Burumazaal)

14.30 - 15.00  Melanie van der Woude (Lans Lab, EMC):
"Recovery of protein synthesis to measure transcription-coupled DNA repair in living cells and tissues"
15.00 - 15.30  Lejon Kralemann (Tijsterman Lab, LUMC):
"Genome engineering in plants through DNA end joining mechanisms"
15:30 – 15:45  Coffee/tea break
15.45 – 16.15 Daniel Salas (Vertegaal Lab, LUMC):
"Unveiling BRCA1 E3 ligase activity"
16:15 – 16:45  Carmen Fonseca (Chaudhuri Lab, EMC)
"Modulating RAD51 dynamics in fork remodeling: implications for chemosensitivity in BRCA2 deficient tumours

14de MGC Publieksmiddag "Wijzer over DNA" (lezingen zijn veelal in het Nederlands)  

In de pdf kunnen de programma's van voorgaande jaren ingekeken worden.

Nadat er in 2020 en 2021 geen publieksmiddag is georganiseerd i.v.m. COVID-19 is de 14de editie georganiseerd op zondag 30 oktober, 2022 in de Oranjerie van de Hortus Botanicus.

Het onderwerp van deze middag was: ‘Wijzer over DNA: Gentherapie, hoop op genezing tegen (w)elke prijs?


Toegang voor deze publiekslezingen zijn gratis. De lezingen worden in het Nederlands aangeboden. Mocht u geinteresseerd zijn en graag een email ontvangen wanneer het programma en datum van de komende editie in 2023 bekend is, dan kunt u zich vooraanmelden via deze link

Since 2007, a public lecture under the title "Wiser on DNA" has been organized every year on the first or second Sunday of November. The programs from previous years can be viewed in the pdf

Meetings and Lectures (organized by others)

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Online "Molecular Genetics (OMG) Lecture Series” 2022!

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