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In collaboration with Bruno van Wayenburg en Astrid Smit (De perskamer) the MGC organized the workshop "Animated Science: explaining research in a short video" in 2017 and 2018. Try the links to the movies:


Bas ter Braak and Esmee Koedoot (LACDR, UL): Drug Efficacy & Safety Imaging - DESI 

Vera Kemp and Iris Dautzenberg (CCB, LUMC): Hoe kunnen virussen ingezet worden als anti-kanker middel

Fenne Riemslagh and Saif Haify (Clinical Genetics, Erasmus MC): Animation of RAN translation (mechanism)


Jeroen Stein (Anatomy and Embryology, LUMC) and Haiqiu Wu (CCB, LUMC): Using the immune system to fight cancer cells in the human body

Francesca Tasca and Marcella Brescia (CCB, LUMC): Genome editing on Ducenne Muscular Dystrophy

Natacha Ogando and Ana Oliveira Paiva (Medical Microbiology): Are we 100% humans?

Ilias Boltis and Jente van Staalduinen (Cell Biology, Erasmus MC): Intro into DNA

Lisa Lasley and Marie-Louise van der Hoorn (GeboorteHuis Leiden, LUMC): Donor studie - rol afweersysteem in eiceldonatie zwangerschappen

Nuria Munoz Subirana (Human Gnetics, LUMC) and Daniel Salas (Cell and Chemical Biology, LUMC): DNA damage and repair

Agenda PhD defenses 2019



Title thesis


   29 January at 3.30 pm

Gosia Grosbart

Structural Dynamics of a Nanomachine: Investigating Structure-to-Function Properties of Large, Flexible, DNA-Associating Proteins

Promotors: Roland Kanaar and Claire Wyman  

20 February at 9.30 am

Maria Vougioukalaki

Impact of Endogenous Damage on Adult Stem Cells and Tissue Homeostasis

Promotor: Jan Hoeijmakers,  co-promotor: Joris Pothof 

7 February

Vera Kemp

Enhancing reovirus for use in virotherapy

Promotor: Rob Hoeben



Anatomie en Embryologie, LUMC: 

Verena Schwach was the winner of the Young@heart: 'Crazy idea' grant and won 50K with her idea: "Acoustical pacing of advanced human cardiac u-tissues as platform to model heart rhythm disorders: sonogenetics in human stem cell-derived carciomyoc"; Berend van Meer and Joshua Peterson participated in the EIT Health PhD Transition Fellowship. Both won a Bronze Prize which is each accompanied by 10K award and the opportunity to participate in a business course in London UK valued at 5K for the development of their products; Berend van Meer  joined and won the ScienceBattle in the Hague. For more information see:

Celbiologie, Erasmus MC: 

Tokameh Mahmoudi
 heeft een EMC Pilot Grant toegewezen gekregen; Eskeatnaf Mulugeta heeft een ZonMW subsidie gekregen (Off Road programma commissie); Sjaak Philipsen heeft een project toegekend gekregen van de Landsteiner Foundation for Blood Transfusion Research, én een Erasmus MC Human Disease Model Award. Daarnaast werd zijn bijdrage aan de 21ste Hemoglobin Switching Conference, getiteld 'Evolutionary conserved regulation of oxygen-carrying hemoglobins in jawless and jawed vertebrates' bekroond als meest onderhoudende presentatie; Raymond Poot heeft een NWO-ALW open grant verworven.

Humane Genetica, LUMC: 

Magda Rother heeft een Travel award ontvangen tijdens de NVRB annual fall meeting;  Fenna vd Wal heeft een Eurolife award ontvangen.

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