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MGC PhD student workshop

The MGC PhD workshop is a four-day meeting outside town organized every year by and for PhD candidates of the MGC (Medisch-Genetisch Centrum Zuid-West Nederland). The MGC is a joint effort of the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam and the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) to execute top level scientific research in the area of ​​Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology with the final goal to advance science and to improve the quality of human life. At the same time the institutions serve as training facilities for graduate and PhD students.

During this workshop, around 130 PhD students from LUMC, Erasmus MC and Leiden University get the chance to present their research by giving lectures and poster presentations and by discussing them with each other. In this way PhD students get the chance to share their research and discuss the results in an informal setting, exchange knowledge, build a social network, and have fun. The attendance to the workshop is part of the PhD program and PhD students should attend the workshop at least three times during their PhD. Also, two or three keynote speakers will be invited who will not only present research related topics, but topics such as opportunities after your PhD, how do you start a company, or how to make a career as research journalist.

All departments belonging to MGC graduate program can be found here. 

The MGC PhD-workshop 2023 will take place from the 5th to the 8th of June in Luik, Belgium!

Recent Announcement:

Hey there, MGC-2023 participant!

We can feel the excitement building as the conference draws near!
Get ready for an awesome time ahead!

We are dropping you a long letter with important information and reminders.

What to bring for yourself?
A towel for all your refreshing needs,
A lock to keep your stuff safe and sound,
Your personal hygiene items to stay fresh throughout the conference,
ID – take your ID card with you. It can be any legal document verifying your identity.

What to bring to the conference? - Let's showcase your awesome work! 😊
2nd year PhD student - a poster presentation. Print it preferably in A0 portrait format and DO NOT FORGET to bring it along.
3rd and more year PhD student - a USB stick with your oral presentation. You can hand it over during the coffee or lunch break.

What to bring for us? - we've got an exciting evening activity planned.
20 euros - make sure to have some money in your bank account/ by cash during the bus landing to cover the awesomeness!

Gathering Bus Location. We've got your transportation covered on both sides!
The bus will be waiting for you at Rotterdam Central Bus Station on Conradstraat on the 5th of June from 8 AM.
It's on the Centrum side, right next to the station building. Look for the "Ringelberg Bus" logo and a fun group of people!

Gathering Bus Departure Time. Get those alarms set!
Landing kicks off between 8:00 AM and 8:20 AM on the 5th of June, Monday.
Be there on time and hop on the bus because we will leave at 8:30 AM sharp and we WILL NOT WAIT if you are late!

Previous announcement

The MGC PhD Workshop is quickly approaching,

Below you can find the requirements we ask for your poster (2nd-year PhD students) and oral presentations ( ≥ 3rd-year PhD students):

Poster: Portrait format
Oral presentation: 12 minutes + 3 minutes questions

NB! From this point forward we want to make it explicitly clear that any further cancellations from registered participants will not be tolerated.
In the event of such cancellations, we will be enforcing a penalty fee as a consequence.

Instructions regarding the packaging list and details regarding the time and place for gathering together on Monday, June 5th, will be provided a week in advance.

In addition, a friendly reminder to choose your social activity if you haven't already done so.
Please use THIS LINK to sign up for the fun social activity of your preference.
Activity allocation is on a first-come first-served basis.
Below you can find the activities for this year with links inside for additional information.

  1. ­Escape Room: Evasion Room
  2. Virtual Reality: The VEX – Mediacite – Centre of Reality
  3. Axe throwing: The Place to Play  ------------ NO available places
  4. Laser Game – Laser Maze – Mini Golf: FUNLY
  5. River Shuttle: La Navette Fluviale

If you have any questions about MGC workshop, please contact us:

MGC PhD-workshop committee 2023

MGC committee members from left to right: Dorien Vinke, Stijn in 't Groen, Eva Niggl, Memnia Vasiliou, Laurie Kerkhof, Georgii Krivoshein and Daphne Wijnbergen under the guidance of Madeleine Nivard