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MGC PhD student workshop, 2019

The PhD workshop is a yearly four-day meeting outside town organised by and for PhD candidates of the MGC. PhD students of the MGC are expected to attend at least three times the workshop. At these workshops they will present their research by giving lectures and poster presentations and by discussing them with each other. In this way PhD students get the chance to share their research and discuss the results in an informal setting, exchange knowledge, build a social network, and have fun. Also two or three keynote speakers will be invited who will not only present research related topics, but topics such as opportunities after your PhD, how do you start a company, how to make a career as research journalist, can also be discussed. These workshops generally take place in May or June. 

PhD students will receive a personal invitation for upcoming workshop. 

A list of members of the different workshop committees of the past ten years including the visited locations can be found here.