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MGC PhD student workshop

The MGC PhD workshop is a four-day meeting outside town organised every year by and for PhD candidates of the MGC (Medisch-Genetisch Centrum Zuid-West Nederland). The MGC is a joint effort of the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam and the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) to execute top level scientific research in the area of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology with the final goal to advance science and to improve the quality of human life. At the same time the institutions serve as training facilities for graduate and PhD students.

During this workshop, around 100 PhD students from LUMC, Erasmus MC and Leiden University get the chance to present their research by giving lectures and poster presentations and by discussing them with each other. In this way PhD students get the chance to share their research and discuss the results in an informal setting, exchange knowledge, build a social network, and have fun. The attendance to the workshop is part of the PhD program and PhD students should attend the workshop at least three times during their PhD. Also two or three keynote speakers will be invited who will not only present research related topics, but topics such as opportunities after your PhD, how do you start a company, or how to make a career as research journalist.

All departments belonging to MGC graduate program can be found here.

Location of MGC PhD Workshop 2019!

Dear PhD students,

It is our pleasure to announce that MGC workshop of 2019 will be held from 4th to 7th June. As of our announcement drinks, the secret in now out. The location of the workshop will be in MaastrichtRegistration is now closed

Be sure to keep in mind the guidelines below. 

Your MGC committee for 2019

Fanny Boyaval, LUMC

Elena Daoutsali, LUMC

Maja Vukic, LUMC

Ilias Boltsis, Erasmus MC

Thomas van Staveren, Erasmus MC

Yannicka Mardenborough, Erasmus MC



Second years - posters

  • Posters should be printed in advance in A0 format and should be in portrait orientation

Third and fourth years - oral presentations

  • 15 minutes will be allocated to presentations (10 min + 5 for questions), so be sure to have a clear and concise presentation as we will be strict on time!
  • Presentations must be uploaded to the PC before the first session of the day.
  • Please name your files [lastname].ppt.





During the workshop, we have planned an afternoon of activities that you can participate in. The available activities are cave climbing, a haunted hike, escape room, laser game, fencing and a vlaai making workshop. Information on the activities can be found at the end of this registration form (after the questionnaire). We hope you will like the choice of the activities and that you will find something interesting for yourself!!! 

Activities will be assigned on a first come first serve basis! Registration is closed now.

Lasergame in the caves 

Dark underground passages, mysterious shadows, amazing smoke and light effects, ominous sounds, and armed opponents. Armed with an ultra modern laser gun and vest you will enter a by blacklight and discolight lit cave in search of the opponent. But be wary, opponents may have laid an ambush! Lasergame in the caves of Valkenburg is unique, because it is the only place in Netherlands where you can play this exciting game in an underground area.

Hunted hike

Unique in Europe: near Maastricht, in beautiful Valkenburg, lies the only haunted cave in Europe. During this humorous and exciting hike, lasting over an hour, it will take real effort not to collapse with laughter. Your rather strange guide leads you into an exciting adventure, during which you and your colleagues really get to know each other: the ultimate in team building.

Cave climbing 

Experience an exciting and challenging climbing tour around the ruins of Valkenburg Castle. Clamber, climb, and descend on this caving and climbing trip. The former castle and the enchanting marl corridors create a truly unique atmosphere. The climbing tour consists of several components. Do you have the courage to scale a climbing wall, with the degree of difficulty tailored to your own experience level? What about repelling into a 30-metre-deep well? Your journey will continue via stairs and ladders and through the centuries-old escape routes. Some of the corridors are wide and tall, others are long and narrow. Take on challenge after challenge in this unique labyrinth that is sure to put you to the test.This unforgettable experience will encourage you to push your boundaries. If you would rather skip a component, that's not a problem. You determine how high you set the bar.

Escape Room 

Only by working as a team and keeping it cool you will be able to succeed. Can you manage to escape the room within the hour? The clock is ticking.. can you handle the stress? Solve puzzles and riddles, find hidden clues, use your common sense… or not.. and work together to find your way out.

Fencing workshop

The Three Musketeers, d’Artagnan and the historic centre of Maastricht: three ingredientsthat form a perfect backdrop to a fencing activity. Enjoy fencing workshops that offer a combination of action, fun and excitement. You can even join the action using an electric sword. Of course, safety comes first, and the best fencing material will be made available.The unknown and unexpected make this an unforgettable experience!

Vlaai making workshop

Get opportunity to learn how to make a typical product from the provinces of Limburg. Vlaai is a pie or tart consisting of a pastry and filling.