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MGC PhD student workshop

The MGC PhD workshop is a four-day meeting outside town organised every year by and for PhD candidates of the MGC (Medisch-Genetisch Centrum Zuid-West Nederland). The MGC is a joint effort of the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam and the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) to execute top level scientific research in the area of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology with the final goal to advance science and to improve the quality of human life. At the same time the institutions serve as training facilities for graduate and PhD students.

During this workshop, around 100 PhD students from LUMC, Erasmus MC and Leiden University get the chance to present their research by giving lectures and poster presentations and by discussing them with each other. In this way PhD students get the chance to share their research and discuss the results in an informal setting, exchange knowledge, build a social network, and have fun. The attendance to the workshop is part of the PhD program and PhD students should attend the workshop at least three times during their PhD. Also two or three keynote speakers will be invited who will not only present research related topics, but topics such as opportunities after your PhD, how do you start a company, or how to make a career as research journalist.

All departments belonging to MGC graduate program can be found here.

MGC PhD Workshop 2020

Dear PhD-students,

We are happy to announce this year’s PhD workshop location: Oldenburg! This year’s workshop will take place from 9-12 June 2020.

The registration is closed. If you have registered for the workshop, please be aware that the deadline for the abstract (200-400 words) is 15 April 2020. Please write your name, your department and a title in the document. It can be sent to 

Every year PhD students have a task to present poster or to give a talk, this year rules will not be changed:
   * 1st year – short informal talk about their project
   * 2nd year – poster presentation (format A0)
   * 3rd/4th year – 15 min talk including discussion (no longer than that – due to high amount of talks we kindly ask you to keep your talk in this         timeframe) 
Later you will receive more information about these tasks. 

During the workshop, we have planned an afternoon of activities that you can participate in. The available activities are laser game, escape room, stand up paddler, cocktail workshop and 3D glow in the dark minigolf. More information about the activities can be found below. Please click here to register for the activities! The deadline for this will be  no later than Friday 27 th March. There will be no extensions, so please answer as soon as possible! Activities will be assigned on a first come first serve basis! 

Laser game
Always wanted to play a computer game in real life? In this activity you will use a laser gun to conquer your enemy.

Escape room
Do you like puzzles and teamwork? In this activity you need to escape in 60 minutes before you are trapped in the room…

Stand up paddler
Do you like sports and to be outside? During this workshop you will learn the basics of stand up paddling: a sport which uses a surfboard and a
paddle to move on the water.

Cocktail workshop
Always wanted to know how you make your own cocktail? During this workshop you will learn how to make for example a mojito or a pina colada. And of course, you can taste your creations!

3D-glow in the dark minigolf
Using a golf-stick, glow in the dark light and a 3D-glasses you need to guide the ball into the holes with as few strokes as possible.

Your MGC committee for 2020,

Jessie Kroonen, LUMC
Nuria Muñoz, LUMC
Tooba Abbassi Daloii, LUMC
Gabriela Dankova, Erasmus MC
Celia Díez López, Erasmus MC
Lieke Stockmann, Erasmus MC
Lieke Koornneef, Erasmus MC