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 Postgraduate school Molecular Medicine (MolMed), Erasmus MC, Rotterdam

 A selection of 'new' courses organized by MolMed is listed below:

ONLINE Basic statistics Graph Pad Prism9 training

19 & 26 April 2021

 This 2-day course will consist of: 

  • A theoretical session to explain the statistics behind Prism9.
  • Videos and a live demo session to show you how to do statistics in Prism9.
  • Two Q&A sessions where your questions will be answered and where you apply this knowledge on your own data or on real-life example data.

Participants can use their own data on the training. Teacher: Yanick Mathys

Advanced course on Applications in flow cytometry

Monday 15 March - Friday 19 March 2021 at the Erasmus MC.
This course gives users with a solid knowledge in flow cytometry the opportunity to attend lectures covering many of these applications. Newcomers to flow cytometry are advised to follow first the introductory flow cytometry course.

These lectures are given by experienced users and therefore not only give an introduction into these applications but also suggest protocols, discuss challenges and solutions. Participants have the opportunity to discuss questions and, most importantly, have a contact person if they want to use an application for their own research.

ONLINE via ZOOM: Biomedical English Writing Course for MSc and PhD-students

12 March until - 21 May 2021

Concise writing course of six half days aimed at MSc students and PhD-students who are writing a scientific paper. Participants should ensure that they have time to prepare the various sections of a scientific paper or a lab work report, or to revise an already available manuscript. If your work has not advanced to this point, you should postpone your participation till a later course. This short course is not the 10 session course of the dept. of Research Policy! More information on this course can be found at the Erasmus MC Intranet.

Entry requirements: This course is organized primarily for PhD candidates. The goal of the course is to improve on an article the participant intends to develop during the course. Without an early draft of an article, not necessarily complete but definitely a substantial start, it is impossible to participate. PLEASE NOTE: this is not an English class. Participation in this course requires a good enough grasp of English to read, write, and speak the language well.

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Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education

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