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September 8 a masterclass about Novel technologies in genome instability research. It is an online format and will be from 9.30 to 12.15. The masterclass is open to anyone interested, so please sign up via the link below if you’re interested.
The (online) masterclass will consist of 6 talks about specific technologies (see below) followed by break-out sessions to discuss ideas to use the technologies in your own research. 

Nannette Jelluma (Kops; Hubrecht Institute)       Mouse models to study chromosomal instability
Bas van Steensel (NKI)                                       Double-strand break repair pathway reporter assay
Hugo Snippert (UMC Utrecht)                             Integrating single-cell sequencing and live-cell imaging
Puck Knipscheer (Hubrecht Institute)                  DNA repair in Xenopus egg extract
Arnab Ray Chaudhuri (Erasmus MC)                  Visualization of DNA structures with Electron Microscopy
Erwin Peterman (VU Amsterdam)                        Combining optical tweezers and fluorescence microscopy to manipulate and visualize single DNA molecules and chromosomes

Postgraduate school Molecular Medicine (MolMed), Erasmus MC, Rotterdam

 A selection of 'new' courses organized by MolMed is listed below:

Gene expression data analysis using R: How to make sense out of your RNA-Seq/microarray data 20 September

Translational Imaging workshop by AMIE 'from mouse to man'                                                                            22 September

For more information on these and other courses organized by MolMed please visit the website 

Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education

For more information on courses organized by Boerhaave please visit the website

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